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We have been designing and installing beautiful Kitchens and Bathrooms for over 50 years.

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Who We Are

Robin (Designer/Sales)

Robin is a professional at helping clients select materials including cabinetry, countertops, tile, fixtures, colors, paint, etc. She also coordinates and expedites all projects from start to finish. You will love her style; she is easy going, knowledgeable and great with pulling it all together.

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Dennis  (Project Supervisor/Designer)

Responsible for the installation phase of our projects, Dennis is a CKD, the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s designation for a Certified Kitchen Designer, for which applicants must pass rigorous requirements.  Working directly with our installers in the field, his more than 30 years of experience and attention to detail enable him to anticipate the complex sequence of steps in the installation process and resolve issues before they can become problems.  Dennis works closely with clients, addressing any questions and concerns should they arise.  His work is critical to a successful project. Dennis enjoys landscaping his home, volunteering in his community, and playing with his beloved rescued basset hounds.

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Lorna (Designer)

Lorna has been a CKD since 1993.  Unlike the computer-generated drawings you will see elsewhere, Lorna’s drawing are all hand-drawn, helping clients visualize such details as intricate door styles, architectural features and finishes, woodcarvings, and perspectives.  Recipient of a design award from “Cooking Light Kitchen” magazine, and winner of an Excellence in Design competition from the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Lorna has since served as a judge in that contest.  She divides what spare time she has between her teenage daughter and her horse.

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Chet (Owner/Designer/Sales)

A CKD and Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD) with more than 35 years of experience, Chet is owner of Sparta Trades Kitchens and Baths.
His vast experience has allowed him to fine-tune operations over the years, so clients are offered only the highest level of quality materials installed by professionals among the very best in the industry. Chet’s easy-going style immediately puts clients at ease, creating strong, positive working relationships.  For more than three decades, his designs have met and exceeded the expectations of clients, explaining why the majority of new clients come to Sparta Trades Kitchens and Baths as referrals from satisfied customers!  Having served as Chair of the National Kitchen and Bath Association Dealers Association, N.J.chapter, and chair of their NJ Long-Range Planning Board, Chet has given numerous seminars on kitchen and bath design, construction, and renovation, with designs and articles appearing in a variety of magazines.  An avid sportsman, Chet enjoys biking near and far, skiing, sailing, hiking and tennis.

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Rebecca (Designer/Project Support)

You will enjoy her design, color and material skills. Rebecca can really see the project done.

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Scott (Installer)

Great with larger projects. Framing, windows, sliders. Does an excellent job.

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Brian (Plumber)

Knows all about plumbing and is good at what he does. Loves to hunt, fish and camp on his off days. He is very skillful in older and newer homes. It is a pleasure to work with him.

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Rich (Installer)

A truly old school guy, Rich can do it all, you will love him. He has a great can do attitude and you will feel comfortable with him in your home.

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Bill (Framing)

Bill is an excellent craftsman, ready to do even the toughest jobs.   He’s been doing heavy construction, including framing and skylight installation, for more than 30 years.  He is the father of two children, one of whom works with him today.

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Jeff (Electrician)

Years of experience and does a great job. Jeff is a very accomplished electrician who wants you to be a satisfied client.

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Devon (Designer/Sales/Energy Audits)

Very interested in sustainability, Devon has a wide knowledge of green and efficient materials including flooring, cabinetry, countertops, lighting, fixtures, etc. Devon is a LEED AP with the U.S. Green Building Council and a certified Energy Auditor and Building Shell Specialist with the Building Performance Institute. He can perform energy audits at clients’ homes to show where and how to save energy, money, and the environment through air sealing, insulation, efficiency upgrades, etc. Well traveled and energetic, Devon is very sincere and committed to what he does.

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David (Installer)

A real artist, excellent with small touch ups and full scale projects. David is extremely diligent and thoughtful. You will enjoy his craftsmanship/workmanship and his wide skill set. David enjoys animals, drawing, sailing and much more.

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Steve (Plumber)

Steve is an excellent craftsman with more than 20 years experience in all phases of plumbing and heating.  When time permits, Steve likes to ski and bike with his wife and two young boys, the loves of his life.  You will appreciate both his workmanship and his winning personality.

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Mike (Installer)

As a young boy, Mike enjoyed working with his hands, a gift he still enjoys today.  A local family man who loves spending time with his new granddaughter, he enjoys bike rides, hiking, and snowshoeing with his wife Katherine.  A responsible professional ready to tackle any task, Mike is a valued member of our Sparta Trades Kitchens and Baths team, whom repeat clients always request.

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