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Building Codes, Permits, & Licenses

Seen by some as necessary evils, building codes for home remodeling are required for a reason—your family’s safety and protection—financial and otherwise. Some of the less obvious reasons for permits and inspections include the following:

  • Many homes built before 1996 were not insulated to standards reflecting today’s high energy costs;
  • Safety egress through properly sized windows allows firemen to assist loved ones out of your home in the event of a fire;
  • Headers spanning openings for doors, windows, skylights, etc., must be appropriately sized for adequate support of 2nd floors and roofs;
  • In the event of a claim, insurance companies will not cover you for work that was done without proper permitting and inspection.


Sparta Trades Kitchens and Baths will work in your home only with all necessary and required permits, licenses, and insurance as required by the state of New Jersey. If the scope of your project demands it, Sparta Trades Kitchens and Baths will fill out all the paperwork necessary, and apply for your permits.

To make you comfortable with our work ethic, and in an attempt to have a relationship as transparent and “client centric” as possible, we have included the following on our website:

We also have available for you a sample of our remodeling contracts:

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Sample Bathroom Contract
Sample Kitchen Contract