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Bathroom Design and Remodel

Generally everyone wants their baths to be clean  –  attractive  –  workable and in general, comfortable.

When considering doing a bath project consider looking at professional bath showrooms and working with a company and people you are comfortable with.  You need to talk with someone who has done bath remodeling before  –  who can help you select and choose products that will serve your needs and enhance your bathroom space.

Some items to consider:

  • Comfort height toilets  –  with self closing seats.
  • Cabinetry that is the proper height so you do not have to bend over too far.
  • Non slip floor tile
  • Showers with ample space for you and shelves for any bathing products you require.
  • Sufficient counter space for you to be comfortable
  • Bath storage   –   linen cabinetry
  • Excellent bathroom lighting
  • Mirrors placed at proper height and angle for all family members.
  • Tubs that will accommodate your needs  – maybe a soaking tub or a claw foot tub or an easy access tub with a door.
  • Waterproof wet area for showering that can be easily maintained.
  • Superior ventilation that removes moisture and odors and protects your investment in your bathroom.

This is a partial list of what you should consider when looking to re-do your bathroom.

Additionally  –  you want to work with a company or individual that has all the necessary and proper insurance, workman’s comp and liability and will provide you with these certificates when you ask

A bathroom well designed and remodeled is a valuable asset to any home.

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